High-Quality Stroke Care for Seniors in Huntington, WV

A stroke is a life changing event that often comes on suddenly and leaves a senior uncertain about the future. Throughout the course of recovery, care needs often change and new challenges develop, which makes it difficult to remain at home without the right level of support. Families often find it challenging to meet the needs of their loved ones, and they turn to professional home care providers for help. Home Care Assistance of Huntington, WV, is a trusted in-home stroke care company. Our stroke recovery caregivers specialize in assisting seniors during this difficult time and making it safe and comfortable to return home. With flexible scheduling and personalized care plans, we help many stroke survivors recover and regain their optimum level of independence.  

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Stroke Care Increases Safety & Promotes Independence

Stroke survivors have an increased risk of experiencing a second stroke. When they fail to follow recommendations offered by doctors, physical therapists, and nutritionists, these risks may increase significantly. The stroke caregivers at Huntington, WV Home Care Assistance help seniors reduce their risks of secondary strokes and other health setbacks by providing support with activities like meal preparation, medication reminders, balance and mobility, and transportation to medical appointments. Our professionals encourage seniors when they experience gains and safely slow them down should setbacks occur, all while empowering them to regain independence in a safe and effective way. 

Compassionate Stroke Caregivers Help Seniors Remain Positive

Post-stroke depression is common among stroke survivors. Many succumb to their limitations and give up hope that they will ever be independent again. The fact that a stroke often leaves a senior weak, frail, and unable to drive also reduces opportunities for socialization and companionship, which can further increase the risk of depression. At Home Care Assistance Huntington, WV, our stroke caregivers form meaningful relationships with their clients, engaging them in conversation and mentally stimulating activities throughout recovery. This helps seniors maintain a positive outlook and reduces the risks associated with being housebound. Additionally, our caregivers ensure safe transportation is available and provide support outside the home. This helps many seniors feel more comfortable going out in public sooner and supports their efforts to visit friends, attend church, engage in hobbies, and maintain healthy social ties. 

If your senior loved one has experienced a stroke, consider the many benefits of high-quality in-home stroke care and how it can enhance recovery. Home Care Assistance in Huntington, WV is here to help. To learn more about our stroke care programs, call (304) 521-2909 and schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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