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A safe home environment benefits seniors physically and mentally and enhances quality of life. However, creating conditions that make home safe and comfortable is not always easy. This is especially true when seniors are faced with medical conditions or advanced aging that makes around-the-clock care a necessity. Home Care Assistance in Huntington, WV, provides professional, high-quality live-in care that supports aging in place. Our dedicated caregivers develop relationships with the seniors in their care, getting to know their preferences and routines. This often allows them to anticipate changing care needs, recognize signs of concern quickly, and help seniors maintain their highest level of independence by providing the exact support necessary to safely age in place.

Live in Care Huntington
Live in Care Huntington, WV

Flexible Scheduling Holistic Care Methods

Sometimes seniors only need live-in care for a short time such as while recovering from an illness or after a hospitalization. At other times, long-term or more permanent assistance is necessary because of a medical diagnosis such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or COPD. Whether a senior’s needs are short or long term, Home Care Assistance in Huntington, WV meets them with the highest level of flexibility and personalized care plans to ensure care is always appropriate and beneficial. Our live-in care plans are created with input from seniors, their family members, and medical professionals. They address needs and goals and are constantly reviewed and revised whenever necessary. Our holistic plan for live-in care also includes programs that promote longevity and a higher quality of life, such as our Balanced Care Method and Cognitive Therapeutics Method. These programs are in place because we realize live-in home care is about more than just meeting basic care needs. It is about giving life meaning and helping seniors age in the healthiest, happiest way possible. 

Compassionate Live-In Caregivers Promote Emotional Wellbeing

Seniors who need live-in care are often at the highest risk of isolation and depression. Their advanced needs often make it difficult for them to venture away from home to find companionship, and some seniors discourage friends and family from visiting. At Huntington, WV Home Care Assistance, our personalized matching service helps seniors build meaningful relationships with their caregivers. This is especially valuable for housebound seniors because it provides important opportunities for companionship and friendship. Our matching service helps many of our live-in clients enjoy life more, remain positive about care, and prevent many emotional and mental health setbacks. 

To learn more about the live-in care programs and caregivers at Home Care Assistance Huntington, WV, call (304) 521-2909 and request a complimentary consultation. We also offer respite care for family caregivers who need a break, as well as specialized care for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

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