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Home is often the most comfortable place for seniors with dementia. Supporting these individuals in a familiar environment can prevent disorientation, confusion, and anxiety and can even slow cognitive decline. While many families realize the importance of allowing seniors with dementia to continue living at home, few have the time, energy, or experience necessary to meet all their loved one’s needs on their own. This is where professional in-home dementia care comes in. Home Care Assistance of Huntington, WV, provides the support seniors with dementia need to safely and comfortably age in place. Our memory care specialists help with daily tasks and encourage seniors to retain a higher level of independence despite the challenges associated with cognitive decline. As care needs change, our clients’ personalized dementia care plans are reviewed and revised to provide the right level of support through every stage of this disease.

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Flexible & Customizable In-Home Dementia Care Plans

Much like the way familiar surroundings are soothing and comforting for a senior with dementia, daily routines help them maintain emotional health. Family members sometimes have difficulty providing support, assistance, and companionship when a senior loved one’s schedule differs from their own. Professional dementia home care makes this easier. At Huntington, WV Home Care Assistance, our scheduling is extremely flexible so we can effectively provide assistance when seniors need it most, and our services are available in the evenings, early mornings, on weekends, and even overnight. Families in need of a break can benefit from our respite care programs, and long-distance caregivers appreciate the around-the-clock support and supervision provided by our live-in memory care specialists. As care needs change, schedules can be easily adapted to meet them, and our Care Managers remain on call 24 hours a day to assist with emergencies.

Innovative Memory Care for Seniors Living with Dementia

To best support the goal of aging in place for seniors with dementia, it is important to provide regular cognitive stimulation and promote mental acuity. Doing this can slow the progression of dementia, and it empowers seniors to maintain their independence and higher quality of life for longer. Home Care Assistance Huntington, WV’s Cognitive Therapeutics Method was developed with this need in mind. Our dementia caregivers are fully trained to utilize the techniques offered by this innovative program, and it is implemented into all our clients’ memory care plans at no additional charge.

If your senior loved one prefers to remain at home after a dementia diagnosis, support from professional dementia caregivers can help him or her achieve this goal. Home Care Assistance in Huntington, WV offers high-quality dementia care as well as specialized Alzheimer’s care. Call us today at (304) 521-2909 to learn more.

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