Dedicated Caregivers Huntington, WV Seniors Can Count On

Professional at-home caregivers do more for seniors than simply meet basic care needs and provide supervision. They foster bonds, nurture, and advocate. As their relationships with clients grow, they often become important confidants and take on a critical role that is second only to family. As a trusted home care agency, Home Care Assistance of Huntington, WV, recognizes the value of professional caregivers and the important role they play in the lives of our clients. Our goal is always to find and retain high-quality, reliable caregivers who enrich the lives of seniors, provide comfort to families, and support aging in place.

Our Caregivers Build Meaningful Relationships with Their Clients

To best meet the needs of clients in their care, our caregivers must develop a personal understanding of each senior’s needs and discover a true connection with the individual. Home Care Assistance Huntington, WV fosters this level of bonding by personally matching caregivers and care recipients. We consider things like values, personality traits, hobbies, and interests as well as the senior’s needs and the caregiver’s level of expertise in meeting them. This personalized matching service gives seniors and their caregivers a head start in developing strong connections and significantly enhances the home care experience by making it fun, engaging, and meaningful.

In-Home Caregivers Can Adapt to Changing Care Needs

Changes in health are almost a certainty upon entering the golden years. Seniors continue to age, their care needs increase, they experience setbacks and improvements, and diseases often progress. The in-home caregivers at Huntington, WV Home Care Assistance offer the highest level of flexibility so they are always there when seniors need them most. Clients can easily move from respite or hourly care to overnight assistance or live-in care. Our Care Managers also remain on call 24 hours a day to assist with emergency home care coverage. This makes it possible to handle challenges in a positive way and provides seniors and their family members with the peace of mind that comes with knowing care needs will always be met.

Extensive Training in Holistic Care Methods

Engaging seniors in meaningful activities that enhance quality of life is an important part of the home care experience. To best prepare our caregivers for keeping seniors engaged and motivated, Home Care Assistance in Huntington, WV offers trainings on topics such as home-to-hospital assistance and culinary skills. All our caregivers are also trained in our innovative Cognitive Therapeutics Method and Balanced Care Method. Both are implemented into our clients’ care plans as part of our holistic approach to enhancing the aging process.

To learn more about Home Care Assistance and our dedicated, compassionate caregivers, call (304) 521-2909 and request a free in-home consultation. We never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts, and all our in-home care programs are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.