Huntington, WV Alzheimer’s Care Helps Seniors Manage Cognitive Decline

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s brings new challenges and concerns for both seniors and their families. While most seniors express a goal of remaining at home, families often have difficulty supporting this desire while also ensuring proper supervision and care is provided. Even with the best of intentions, they often find it difficult to meet these needs on their own and understand professional care is a necessity. This is where Home Care Assistance of Huntington, WV, comes in. We offer safe and reliable solutions that empower seniors with Alzheimer’s to age in place while providing family members with peace of mind. 

Alzheimer’s Care Huntington
Huntington Alzheimer’s Care

Our Alzheimer’s Care Plans Offer Many Benefits

Home Care Assistance Huntington, WV’s Alzheimer’s caregivers are memory care specialists with the experience and training necessary to manage the varying needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s. Our Alzheimer’s home care programs are built around one-on-one assistance and personalized care plans that adapt to changing needs. It is appropriate for seniors with varying levels of cognitive impairment and offers many advantages, including:

  • Slowing cognitive decline by supporting seniors in their most familiar setting
  • Ensuring safety by providing help and supervision in the home and in the community
  • Encouraging independence by reinforcing the importance of completing day-to-day tasks such as dressing, bathing, toileting, and taking medications
  • Protecting safety and health by assisting with activities of daily living as necessary
  • Minimizing anger, restlessness, sadness, paranoia, and other emotional challenges with positive communication and redirection or distraction
  • Preventing weight loss that can lead to physical and cognitive decline by preparing healthy meals and monitoring food intake

Revolutionary Alzheimer’s Care That Changes the Way Seniors Age

As Alzheimer’s progresses, care needs often increase. While effective support is essential to meet these changing needs, one of the best ways to minimize the lost independence seniors experience through each stage of the disease is to slow cognitive decline. All the Alzheimer’s caregivers at Huntington, WV Home Care Assistance are trained in our exclusive Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which utilizes engaging games and activities to stimulate brain health and mental acuity. This revolutionary program is implemented into all our memory care plans at no additional cost to families. A vital part of any Alzheimer’s care plan, this method empowers clients and helps them enjoy a higher quality of life. 

If your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the support you need is close at hand. To learn more about Home Care Assistance’s premier memory care programs, call (304) 521-2909 today and request a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation with one of our knowledgeable Care Managers.

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